Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, The last of life, for which the first was made: Our times are in His hand Who saith "A whole I planned, Youth shows but half; trust God: see all, nor be afraid!" - From "Rabbi Ben Ezra" by Robert Browning

Thursday, January 26, 2012

To Blog, or Not to Blog

When I started this blog back in 2009, my plan was to focus on our gardening efforts, and the challenge our health and financial issues presented in the pursuit of our dream (at our late age) to be a self-sustaining farm. No matter what we try to plan for ourselves, however, life puts it's own two cents into it, and we sometimes find ourselves scrambling to keep up, or, in our case, scrambling to catch up.

For whatever reasons this blog went into hiatus in 2009, it stayed in hiatus because, at the time, I didn't think it was appropriate to write about the other things that were happening in my life; my marital problems, my mother's death, my declining health, and the debilitating effect all of this was having on the farm. I didn't think anybody would care.

Well, I may not have been blogging for a while, but I've been reading a lot of blogs in the last couple of years (political, religious, home, couponing, cooking, etc.), and I realize that often the focus of the blogs blurs as the bloggers' personal lives take twists and turns, and they incorporate those twists and turns into the body of their writing. My favorite blogs, it turns out, are written by people who aren't just sharing what they know, they're sharing who they are, and how things they can't control just keep happening.

These bloggers speak honestly about the quirks in their relationships, as well as the perks. They discuss the exciting and the mundane, their successes, and their failures. Some, like a food blogger who recently lost her husband, even boldly expose their raw, broken hearts in very poignant ways. These bloggers have been making me laugh and cry, and they made me start thinking that perhaps I could find a way to share more of the details of my own life without spilling blood, or scaring my readers away.

I spent several months rethinking this blog, wondering if I should continue it or start a new new one. I decided that this is the blog that has the chance to address all my issues in context with each other. So I picked up where I left off, but you'll probably find that my blog sounds a lot different now than it did in 2009. Well, maybe that would have happened anyway with time.

It's winter now, and there just isn't a lot to do or say about gardening (give me a couple more weeks). So I'm talking about the foods we eat here at 5 Acre Farm; simple foods most of the time, flexible in their preparation, filling, and (we think) tasty. Once in a while I'll throw in a story about a visit or an activity, or a health issue one of us is dealing with. Now and then I'll grumble about my husband, or confess my own erring ways (but mostly his), and I'll talk about God, because I (and we) can't do any of this without Him.

The thing to remember is that this blog is about 5 Acre Farm, the dream John and I share to make this place self-sustaining, and how we are meeting all the challenges head on. Health and financial issues, and now the devastating effects of this country's horrible economy, are fighting us tooth and nail. Once in a while they knock us down, but we keep getting back up. In this, John and I are akin to the early American homesteaders who claimed land and tried to build a life on it. We'll do it! Or we'll die trying!

Stick with me and I'll try to keep it interesting if not entertaining! You'll discover, as I continue to do, that 5 Acre Farm is a wonderful place to be, a journey of courage, commitment, and prosperity of the soul.

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